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It’s perfectly obvious where the missing pages are. He’s given them to Marcus Brody.

This is one of my favorite cuts in the history of fucking cinema.

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Kida Nedakh from Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Cosplayer: Meevers Desu Cosplay [DA | FB]
Photographer: WeNeals [WW | TM | TW | FL]



Meet the rat queens. If you d&d, if you nerd game, if you read comics, pick this up

Hell, if you just want a read that isn’t the same old regurgitated, relaunched, spandex clad, hero pap that seems to endlessly fill the shelves of your local comic store, pick up Rat Queens!

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Everyone should watch Sky High for the sheer fact that there is a character whose mother is a superhero and father is a super villain and the kid’s name is Warren Peace. 

Warren Peace, man. 

He also looks like this, if that helps at all


It definitely helps.  I will always love this movie.



Ewoks should report to Jabba’s palace, it’s full of unusual and wonderful things! From Warwick Davis’s home movies filmed during Return of the Jedi.



Do people snack on that set? What do they have?

"In Belfast there is a lot of tea going around. In Croatia, there were cheese and ham sandwiches that I couldn’t stop eating" [X]

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Freddy The Fox by: [Rob Lee]

Photographers note: "This brave fox wandered up on our porch. He's half cat, half dog, and all cute. When the fox first came for a visit we instantly named it "Freddy the Fox." But after we got to know it we found out Freddy is actually Frederica."


(You can still call Frederica “Freddy”!)


Perhaps the most subtle and most pervasive issue with Oberyn’s portrayal is that he’s distinctly marketed as someone who is ‘sexy’. While sexual freedom and sexual liberation is by no means a bad thing, it becomes an issue when one of the only PoC characters on a show becomes reduced to a depiction centered on sex appeal. That, friends, is called fetishization…and while it may seem harmless, the opposite is quite true.

In an interview session with Stephanie Vasquez (a bisexual Latina social activist), Vasquez agreed with many of the concerns that came to the forefront of Oberyn’s portrayal. I showed her a compilation video of all the scenes with Oberyn present, and asked her to discuss what she felt the scenes communicated. Needless to say, she had several choice words, but perhaps the most striking were several of these quotes:

“[Oberyn] is playing into a sexual aesthetic often foisted on [Latin@] people. He’s depicted as overly passionate, overly violent, overly affectionate….This fixation on the sexuality of PoC isn’t something that constitutes a good character. It’s something that is a sexual fantasy. They’ve reduced [Oberyn] to a violent and exotic sex machine.”

“Men of color are often viewed as hypersexual, forceful, aggressive and dangerous in comparison to the Western white man. The fact that [Oberyn] is portrayed as having multiple partners, as coercive and aggressive says so much about the ways in which men of color are portrayed by white supremacy as not only threatening to white men (and especially the [perceived] purity and chastity of white womanhood) and uncivilized and subhuman—as being completely controlled by their powerful animalistic sexual drive.”

everything we know about you is wrong —

This is gorgeous! 

everything we know about you is wrong —

This is gorgeous! 


there’s a prevalent attitude in media that any sexuality other than heterosexuality is more sexual and adult than heterosexuality, which is the norm, the default and “innocent”. It needs to stop immediately



Sorry, Lilbit; but ever since someone suggested that Oded Fehr could play Strange, I can’t imagine anyone else in the role!

I ENDORSE THIS. He did the voice of Dr. Fate on the Justice League cartoon and was PERFECT.